Security Experience in a Multitude of Industries

In addition to our excellent officers, we bring with us a wealth of experience providing security to a huge range of different industries. Security is not a one-size-fits-all industry, and hiring an experienced team is the only way to guarantee your security challenges are being taken care of in an efficient and competent manner. Read more about the industries we provide security services to:

Construction Security

In the modern times, construction sites have become primary targets of burglars due to the presence of valuable and expensive building equipment. However, hiring professional security guards can help a lot in solving this issue.

Crowd Controlling

Whether it´s ensuring your licenced premises stay safe for all of your patrons or keeping a watchful eye on crowd behaviour at a large event, our Crowd Control team interacts with you to manage the inevitable risks associated with large groups of people in venues where alcohol is often a factor.

Event Security

We provide a full rage of event security in Aruba and the surrounding areas. Stadiums, luxury hotels, major concert venues, as well as Celebrity events. Whatever your needs, you rest assured by contracting

Loss Prevention

Loss prevention officers work in retail environments to prevent shoplifter theft as well as theft from store employees. Officers maintain a presence in the public retail space, monitoring shoppers and employees alike for unusual behavior. Depending on employer policy, officers may be able to apprehend suspected thieves and they may also be armed.

Mobile Patrols & Alarm

Mobile Patrols remain one of the most cost-effective methods of maintaining a physical presence and overt security deterrence at your premises when full-time security is cost inhibitive or not practical. Our state of the art

Residential Security

Hunter security understand that being able to maintain your lifestyle is essential for your happiness and well-being. To assist with this, we provide careful security services for you and your entire family. Our team is trained to remain in the background and virtually invisible until trouble occurs.

Door Security

Office buildings are also important places to have security staff employed. Security guards in office buildings are able to control who is entering the building and can offer services such as signing in all visitors and ensuring that only those who should be in the building are allowed to enter. Another advantage to having security at your office building is that security staff could walk employees to their vehicles if they happen to work late.

Party Security

Whether it's for an 18th or 21st birthday party, special occasion or even a corporate event, Hunter security can provide suitably dressed, professional security personnel to blend into yourevent and ensure complete control, as well as uniformed guards to act as a visible deterrent.Party Security Services: Doorman.

Patrol Security

Nothing is better than a real security guard Although technology has proven to decrease robbery in home invasions, you may want to consider actual human beings patrolling your property. Nothing is better than having actual humans provide the security you need.